Although we all do our best to keep ourselves clean and well-groomed, sometimes we pick up some strange ideas along the way. The following 10 myths all seem like they’re common sense pieces of good grooming advice, they’re actually not true at all.

Stress Gives You Gray Hair

Everyone seems to know this, and yet there’s not much hard evidence for it all. Right now, some scientific theories propose that stress makes your body more vulnerable to free radicals, which can cause damage to the cells that add pigment to your hair. But no one has ever reliably documented a person going grey overnight after a stressful day.

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A Dirty Face Causes Blackheads

If you wash your face too much, it will become irritated and respond by producing even more pore-clogging oil and blackheads. As with all things, a gentle balance is the solution, giving your face a heavy scrub only 2-3 times per week.

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Always Brush After a Meal

Certainly, brushing your teeth and keeping them clean is an important part of your oral health. But mixing toothpaste with the acidic remains of strong food and drink can accelerate the breakdown of tooth enamel. If you want your mouth to feel tingly clean, wait a full 30 minutes before brushing.

Anti-Dandruff Shampoos Work As Advertised

First off, quality anti-dandruff shampoos do work in reducing or eliminating large flakes of dandruff. Unfortunately, when applied every day, the effect becomes greatly reduced, and you can dry out and irritate your scalp. To get the best results without getting your scalp itchy, follow a balanced routine of one day on and one day off by alternating with another suitable shampoo AND conditioner.

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Slather on the Shaving Cream

With today’s advanced emollients and powerfully lubricating shaving creams, only a little dab is necessary. Slapping on too much shaving cream or gel will make your razor lose its grip and defeat the entire purpose. Too little or too much will reduce the chances of great shave.

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Moisturiser Isn’t For People with Oily Skin

Although the word “moisture” naturally makes you think of a product adding water or liquid to the exterior of your face, moisturisers actually work to seal in your skin’s natural water content from being lost to the elements. If you do have oily skin, perform a thorough cleanse before sealing your skin’s natural hydration with a quality moisturiser suited for oily skin.

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Hats Make You Go Bald

If that were true, every man in the Victorian Era would’ve been bald as an egg. Unfortunately for bald and balding guys, modern science says it’s all mostly a matter of genetics.

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Shave Your Face in Downward Strokes to Reduce Irritation

The person who knows your face best is you, but generally speaking it is recommended that you shave with the direction of the hair on the first shave. That may include downward strokes on areas like the cheeks, but it may also include upward or sideways motions especially around the jawline and neck.

Chocolate Causes Acne

I doubt there’s a Hollywood movie in existence about teens that doesn’t somehow allude to the so-called “fact” that giving in to the temptation of eating chocolate will lead to severe facial skin breakouts and acne. Although overeating any food isn’t healthy, scientists today know that acne has almost no connection to what you eat, and is mostly affected by fluctuating hormone levels.

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What You Shave Comes Back Thicker and Stronger

Complete balderdash. Genetics and the effects of ageing are what controls the growth speed and density of your body hair. A close shave might give the appearance of thicker stubble, but your body hair will always grow back in accordance with your DNA.