These are the forgotten grooming zones, and we need to talk about them. Women consistently list poor male grooming among their greatest turn offs, so really, nailing these little details are what separate success and failure.

Paying attention to them can take your looks and self-confidence to the next level, which of course can lead to promotions, hot dates, and all the other perks life affords a well-groomed man. Read on and learn.

Fingernails and Hands

Because your fingernails are so visible, neglecting them is among the worst social faux pas a man can make. Women hate it (the thought of being caressed by your filthy, scraggly nails is disgusting, right?) and it’s a really bad look at work, where handshakes can make or break a deal. The solution is pretty simple: you can get them detailed (without nail polish!) in 30 minutes by a professional. Relax, have a beer with the free hand and watch the cricket while your handshake is improved.



Your feet are going to get roughed up and callused, which can actually snag and scratch your bedmates feet and legs. If your socks are getting holes in the end then that is also a tell-tale sign that you need attention immediately. To fix this, book in a feet detail and get them professionally scrubbed, filed, clipped, massaged and moisturised while you relax. Summer feet are always looked at, how will you look in thongs?

Nose Hair

It’s shocking how many men ignore the bushy forests sprouting from their nasal and ear cavities for the world to see. Though this isn’t a problem for young men, by their late-20s most men are going to see some growth here and it ain’t pretty. Fortunately, the solution is simple; a quick wax. Sounds painful but one quick pull and it is done, no ticklish trimmer or sharp scissors. Rip and go and you are set for the next 6 – 8 weeks. Are you man enough?



If you’re going with a beard, hopefully you already know how to properly shave your neckline. Ok, good, now you should move your eyes up to your cheeks. You should pay attention to the stray hairs that creep up on your cheekbones and sometimes almost to the eye. Now that you see them, shave them off once every other day, for a natural, clean look. Simple.


Sometimes your eyebrows can go a little astray and it’s worth paying attention to their problem areas. Just as with nose and ear hair, a man’s eyebrows coarsen and grow with age, but unfortunately this doesn’t happen evenly all at once, which can leave a guy with a few rogue wizard brow hairs. To fix this, get professional attention as inexperienced DIY can lead to a permanently surprised look. Click here for our full list of services