All of us guys know that massages are a great way to relax, unwind, and reduce tension and stress. But there are many more benefits to receiving a professional massage than just the relaxation. Below are six additional benefits you can enjoy when you book your next massage.

Repairs the Damage of Office Life

As much as we guys would love to be out roaming through the forests and mountains, wrestling with bears with our hands as we rely on our savage spirits to tame nature’s wildest challenges, the truth is that modern life requires most of us to be sitting down at our desks for most of the day. One of the unknown benefits that massages offer is to reduce and minimise the damage and weakness in the lower back and spine caused by being relatively immobile in a chair all day long.

Reducing and Eliminating Muscle Pain

Whether you’re sore from working out and playing sports, or simply tired from a long day at the office, a professional massage does wonders for helping your body’s circulatory system work at its most efficient, bringing pain relief and healing more rapidly throughout the body. One 2011 scientific study in a prominent medical journal discovered that a professional massage was just as therapeutic as other treatments of treating chronic back pain.

You’ll Sleep Betters

Despite all of the advances in science, the art of getting a good night’s refreshing sleep is still something of a mystery. Thankfully, numerous studies have shown that a professional massage helps people sleep better and more deeply throughout the night, waking with a sensation of having more energy and feeling more refreshed. Even better news for new fathers is that massages also help infants and small children sleep better through the night as well. Once you wake up feeling alert and ready for the new day, your body will be stronger and more resilient as well, allowing you to think clearly and work and play at maximum power and efficiency.

Soothes Anxiety and Feelings of Alienation

Most guys don’t like to admit that sometimes they feel run down, exhausted, or just feeling a bad case of “the blues”. The truth is that there’s nothing embarrassing about

having your mental and emotional batteries get worn out from time to time. A good professional massage, by adding that important connection element of touch to the experience, helps reduce anxiety and depression levels. One prominent study in the International Journal of Neuroscience showed that people diagnosed with terminal illnesses feel much more positive and less angry after receiving regular professional massages.

Reduce or Eliminate Headaches

Many people who regularly suffer from migraines and headaches know that booking a last-minute massage often does the trick. A good professional massage will help you to relax, reducing inflammation and blood pressure, helping to reduce the swelling and arterial tension that makes headaches worse. Next time your head is splitting wide open from pain, consider a nice relaxing massage instead of popping some pills from the chemist. Sometimes in just as few as 10 minutes or less, the headache can be completely eliminated forever.

A Stronger Immune System

One prominent study in the Journal of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine showed that massages help increase the white blood cell counts of patients, helping to boost and strengthen their immune system. Professional massages help all of the body’s circulatory systems run more efficiently, helping to keep us healthy and vibrant when others are suffering from colds and minor illnesses.

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