Spring is here… and it’s time to get your skin ready for the change in climate and activities here in the West.

When men take proper care of their appearance, they can help maintain and improve their happiness and confidence levels.

Below are seven spring grooming tips on how men can protect their skin during the warmer months ahead in Perth.

Exfoliate your body

We often give our face a good exfoliating scrub but your body needs it too in Spring. One to three times a week will free up your skin by unclogging pores and removing dead skin cells caused by sweating and pollution. Keep clean at the same time by combining Dermalogica Body Conditioning Wash and their awesome Buffing Cloth.

Wax off winter fuzz

You should have kept up the waxing over winter but if you hibernated from waxing then now is the time to groom up. Neck, back, shoulder, chest or stomach hair needs reviewing. Stand in front of the mirror in your new boardies or speedos and see what sticks out – then wax it – Book now before that first pool BBQ!

Look After Your Lips

Any man who neglects to take care of his lips this season will soon feel the painful irritation of dry, cracked lips. Perth is one of the windiest cities in the world so our lips and face copped the breeze more than most. Make sure that you choose a lip balm that contains SPF.

Look after your eyes

Our pollen count is huge, this can create irritation and dark circles around the eyes. Simple eye treatments like Dermalogica Age Reversal Eye Complex can help to eliminate swelling and drooping around the eyes to retain their youthful looks. Dab a tiny amount under your eyes and you are done.


This goes without saying but it is amazing how many guys neglect to moisturise in the morning and before bed. If the skin is properly hydrated then it will help resist the effects of our strong sun, wind and air conditioning. We recommend Dermalogica Intensive Moisture Balance at night and Dermalogica Dynamic Skin Recovery with SPF 50 during the day.

Boardies on, Beard off!

If you rocked a winter beard then now might be the time to change it up. We get that some beards are keepers but seasonal beards should leave when the sun comes out. Experience a traditional shave and take care of the skin as it may not have seen daylight for months. Book a traditional shave and take care of the fresh skin after with American Crew All-in-one Face Balm.

Use the right SPF

Most men know to reach for the sunscreen when heading out to the beach or leaving for an adventure on a hot summer day. Any man with lighter-colored skin should probably use a daily moisturiser rated at SPF 30 or higher. Use a good quality SPF Sun protection that does not clog your pores, it will help slow down the signs of ageing and protect you from skin cancer. We recommend Protection 50 Sport from Dermalogica.

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