Winter is here… and now it’s time to get your skin ready for these colder months. Even though we are all bundling up in warm coats and jackets, it is absolutely essential for men to take proper care of their skin during the winter. When men take proper care of their appearance, they can help preserve and promote their healthiest and happiest self.

Below are eight tips on how men can protect their skin during the cold months ahead.

Stay Hydrated

This is a simple tips that we often forgot during colder months. Remember, drinking plenty of water in winter is as important as drinking water in summer. Water is a key component that supports our physical function, and you will always benefit from a hydrated body. Drink water and get a happier and healthier looking skin all year long.


We often mistakenly believe exfoliation should only occur during warmer months. Not so. It is equally important to remove dead skin and debris from your skin in winter. Many experts recommend using special facial scrubs designed to handle different skin types when deciding to exfoliate.

Don’t Forget Your Hands

When feel the sting of cold air on your face, it’s easy to forget that hands often get exposed to the brutal cold too. A hand detailing service can protect your hands from cold weather as well as help soften callused or abraded skin. Gloves or mittens can also be worn to protect the hands, and some men even apply hand lotion or moisturiser on underneath the gloves in order to achieve maximum protection. We recommend one of the moisturisers from the Dermalogica range.

Look After Your Lips

Any man who neglects to take care of his lips during winter will soon feel the painful irritation of dry, cracked lips. If you’d like to get kissed any time soon, you’re going to be in dire straits if your lips are dry and cracked lips. Many of today’s men’s lip balms contain SPF, perfect for protecting lips against the harsh winter sun.

The Eyes Have It

In winter, the dark circles around the eyes can look even more menacing and droopy. Many men today use simple eye treatments like Dermalogica Total Eye Care to eliminate swelling and drooping around the eyes to retain their youthful looks. You’ll look and feel your best when your eyes aren’t hooded by dark bags.


All of us know by now just how important a good moisturising routine is. In winter, it is especially important to make sure the skin is properly hydrated and refreshed so that it can resist the damage from cold winds and the winter sun. Most experts recommend that men use their moisturiser twice a day during the winter. We recommend Dermalogica Active Moist

Bare is Beautiful

If you enjoy the clean-shaven look, you’ll find that proper precautions during the winter can result in smoother shaves with fewer injuries and less irritation. By shaving during or immediately after a hot shower, the pores on the skin open and hairs are softer and easier to shave off without irritating the underlying skin. We recommend Dermalogica Shave products

Use the right SPF

Most men know to reach for the sunscreen when heading out to the beach or leaving for an adventure on a hot summer day. We all need to remember that the sun can still cause severe skin damage even during the winter. Any man with lighter-colored skin should probably use a daily moisturiser rated at SPF 30 or higher. On top of that, it is wise to carry a second bottle of sunscreen just in case you need extra protection from the sun. Not only does protecting your skin with the right SPF during winter prevent illnesses, but it helps slow down the signs of ageing.