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Looking After Your Biggest Organ

Your skin is your biggest organ so isn’t it about time you started looking after it more? Discover the difference a bit of exfoliating and a man-tan can have on your look today. The wonders of exfoliation and the man-tan Your skin is your biggest organ but, despite this, most of us tend to leave [...]

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Choosing the Perfect Grooming Package

Good things come in Guys Grooming packages Need a little R&R? Is your current grooming routine in need of an update or overhaul? Guys Grooming packages can help you look and feel better, stat. Even better, choosing a package means you get better bang for your buck so you’ll have more dough leftover. Choose a [...]

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7 Spring Grooming Tips for Perth

Spring is here... and it's time to get your skin ready for the change in climate and activities here in the West. When men take proper care of their appearance, they can help maintain and improve their happiness and confidence levels. Below are seven spring grooming tips on how men can protect their skin during [...]

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8 Essential Mens Grooming Tips

Now that winter is coming to an end, it’s about time to get into a good routine. Eating right, exercising and buying some new clothes is always an excellent step but don't forget the fundamentals! When you look groomed and styled, you'll make an outstanding first impression as well as feel your absolute best when [...]

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Summer Survival Tips for Men

Wear Sunscreen You probably already know how important sunscreen is for trips to the beach or when you're planning on a lot of time outdoors. However, the sun is sufficiently intense to cause skin damage even during brief exposures so be sure to apply sunscreen every single day. Sunscreens are rated for their protection against [...]

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Male Waxing for Summer

With Summer having a late start this year, we still have time to groom up for the beer garden, beach, BBQ or pool party. Why do we wax around this time? Generally we can get lazy over winter, plenty of layers keep the hair hidden and give us that excuse to grow a winter rug. [...]

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6 Benefits to Receiving a Massage

All of us guys know that massages are a great way to relax, unwind, and reduce tension and stress. But there are many more benefits to receiving a professional massage than just the relaxation. Below are six additional benefits you can enjoy when you book your next massage. Repairs the Damage of Office Life As [...]

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