Here at Guys Grooming, we’re all about luxury and taking care of yourself. Our entire complex is something of a giant man cave in its own right, or maybe that could be better described as a man cavern. Our premier salon includes 12 cutting chairs for the manliest of trims, seven treatment rooms for a bit of pampering and one big chill out space complete with LCDs playing continuous sport and music.

Needless to say, we know a thing or two about creating a relaxing space for men. And there’s no reason you can’t emulate that in your own home. If you want to down beers with your mates, you can head to a pub. But if you want a man cave that is more penthouse than pool hall, follow these simple rules.

Whatever you choose to include, make sure it’s made from quality materials. Nothing exudes manliness like rich, supple leather. Choose it for your sofa or your barstools. Hard woods like mahogany look opulent and stylish as well. When choosing your furniture, don’t go for the cheap stuff. Splurge on something of high quality, even if it costs a bit more. Quality craftsmanship will not only look better, it will last longer as well. For this reason, when we were asked by Bupa Home Insurance to nominate one item to include in a man cave for their guide, ‘A Guide to Making the Modern Man Cave’, we opted for the Ultimate Safety Razor Set from Muhle. It’s a quality product, from the precision engineering of the blades right through to the badger-hair brush.

Next, put some conscious thought into how you want your man cave to look. We’re not saying you have to get all matchy-matchy, but think about what colours you want. Do you have any pieces of art or sports memorabilia that you want to display? How will all the items in the room fit together and complement each other? Having a plan from the outset can help guide you in choosing decor for your hideaway. You want to achieve an end result where everything looks cohesive and intentional, not like a jumble of everything you could throw in there. Remember that sometimes less is more.

Whatever you do, don’t get so focused on the interior of your pad that you neglect your appearance. That’s where we come in. After working hard on your man cave, or simply after a tough week at work, drop by for one of our luxurious shaves or a relaxing scalp massage and haircut. You’ll feel like a new man in no time!