Beauty conjours up images of cucumber facials and painted nails, of ladies taking leave of the everyday routine to reward themselves with an indulgence. Beauty is about winding back the clock immediately and looking younger, prettier and beautiful.

This is wonderful but is it grooming?

Grooming is not so much about the escape (although that is a great side bonus) and not really about taking years off the clock.

Grooming means different things to everyone. It could be just a great hair cut for one guy or combination of waxing, skin care and shaving tools to another. But the underlying reasoning behind grooming is always the same. Confidence. That feeling after a great haircut, an invigorating facial or a much needed shoulder wax.

Guys know that they will not look 20 at 40 but they feel best when they look great for their age. Confidence is something that comes naturally after a grooming treatment. That swagger, that wry smile, that little bit more posture when you walk out the door that says “I know I look great so let’s get on with what I need to do to be successful”

Why do you groom?