With Summer having a late start this year, we still have time to groom up for the beer garden, beach, BBQ or pool party.


Why do we wax around this time? Generally we can get lazy over winter, plenty of layers keep the hair hidden and give us that excuse to grow a winter rug. But the bear has to wake up sometime and that time is now. The beach invite comes with short notice so be prepared.

Waxing is the best and most effective way to be hair free instantly with a good 4 to 6 weeks before another service. It only takes a short while and with our expert techniques and aftercare advice; you will not have to worry about hair regrowth until well into the new year.

The most popular areas for waxing are the ones that make you self-conscious. The neck, back, shoulders, chest and stomach are ones that people notice the most. There is no excuse for neck or shoulder hair, that has never been a great look and it is amazing how better you feel in that singlet or t-shirt when you do not have to worry about the shoulder sprouts.

Other areas that are popular are the arms, (especially if you have tattoos), legs and sometimes feet. You can wax as much or as little as you want, just make sure that you feel comfortable when you take your shirt off – that is the rule.

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Not sure if you need to wax or not, ask the one that loves you the most – they are the most honest!