Ahh Valentine’s Day. Probably the hardest hallmark holiday on the calendar for guys.

Depending on where your relationship is, it has different meanings.

There are high but nervous expectations if the couple is new and confusion for established couples – do I have to recognise it?

Let’s break it down for you guys.

Any relationship under 3 years old .
You have to celebrate and embrace the day.
No exceptions are tolerated and a special night, gift and some sort of written sentiment is required. Be aware that it is important to her and is in no way related to anniversaries or birthdays around the same time. Some guys have tried to tie the two special dates together and were never seen again.

Effort needs to be put in for the night and that includes grooming. You must be presenting your best, V-Day is only just behind the wedding day for attention to grooming so prepare or beware.

Over 3 years
It would be a brave man to try and get away with it but you have put in the hard yards and so may be able to side step the Valentine responsibilities if you wish.

It depends on your preparation throughout the early years. If you have been romantic, you have dug your hole. If you drop the ball now then you can be the target of “you used to me romantic, don’t you love me anymore?” That is a place you do not want to visit.

If you never held the car door or purchased a rose in your life then you are just being consistent , she knew what she was in for and you have an argument for forgetting February 14th.

Bottom line
This year, V-day is a Wednesday so just embrace it, get groomed for your valentine and make it special. You should enjoy the time with your loved one and with a bit of grooming, will have a better chance for action which is a great motivation.

Groom up now!