There are many practical and positive properties to having a beard; protection against allergens, sun protection, elimination of the need to shave and protects against throat infections among other things. But if “you wanna get down to brass tacks” beards looks bloody awesome.

Beards make you look manly, more attractive & feel as though you’ve achieved something even if you haven’t done anything that day. So if you have a beard, you’d be a fool not to embrace the styling capabilities of our “Beard Candy” beard balm.

Beard-Candy is a product that we are extremely proud to share with you. It is a refined, high quality beard balm with distinctive wood and spice notes.

If your beard has mind of its own loses shape in the chaos of a busy day, Beard Candy is the thing for you. It’s low to medium hold provides a stable support through which you beard can be styled and remain in a desired through-out the day.