The R89 Safety Razor by Mühle of Germany delivers a high element of function and style for any shaver. The fine engraved handle helps enable grip while delivering a clean, smooth shave.

Pairs well with the Muhle Thermowood in handled brushes in fine and pure badger hair.


  • Muhle R89 Safety Razor
  • Muhle Fine Badger Brush
  • 10 Pack razors


  • Closed comb, double edged razor
  • Fine engraved detail handle
  • Chrome plating over zamak* metal
  • Handle measures 3.5 inches in length


  • Closed comb design is less aggressive than an open comb safety razor allowing for better control during shave.
  • Double edged blade allows for use on both sides to help extend blade life.
  • High quality chrome plated handle will help resist rust and wear well in a wet environment.