For many of us, the thought of straight razor shaving conjures up images of Old West movies, or perhaps grand dad’s old-fashioned and antiquated morning ritual. But more and more men are discovering that a straight-razor shave leaves your skin feeling soft and supple while simultaneously providing the closest shave out there, far superior to modern safety razors and electronic shaving gadgets.

Straight-Razor Shaving: the New Hot Trend

All over the world, razor companies are reporting declining sales of modern safety razors (the kind with a plastic handle) and electric shaving gear. It isn’t because men are shaving less, it’s because more and more men are discovering that the traditional straight razor works far better, removing more hair and yet simultaneously leaving the skin softer and more supple.

It’s More Than Just the Closeness of the Shave

How It Works

More and more, as men begin to try the experience of a straight shave, they come to find out that it’s more than just about the closeness of the shave. For many guys, harking back to the vintage days of cowboys and manly men gives them a real connection to the manly art of shaving.

Bit by bit, the ritual of shaving becomes a unique masculine experience. First, it starts with the smell of the soap and the sound in the scuttle as you slowly whisk it into a nice, rich lather. Then comes the sound of the blade carefully scraping off every hair right down to the root. Then there’s the satisfaction of knowing you’re using a deadly instrument in a careful and controlled fashion. Lastly, the application of a soothing balm or aftershave to cool and refresh your skin, leaving you ready to take on the world.

Benefits of a Straight-Razor Shave

Less irritation and “razor burn”
Longer-lasting effects
Easier to shave curved parts of the face and body
A single razor can last a life-time
Cheaper in the long run than disposable razors
No recharging or other bothersome electronic requirements
No sharing razors with your wife/girlfriend
The satisfaction of enjoying the manliest shave possible
Once you’ve had a good, professional straight-razor shave, you’ll never want to go back to clumsy disposable razors or ineffective electronic shavers again.

Start with a Professional Straight-Razor Shave

If you’re ready to try a traditional straight razor shave, come in today and let the professionals at Guys Grooming show you how it’s done. You’ll get the full experience, starting with a hot towel facial wrap, an amazingly close straight razor shave, and then finish off with a soothing balm that contains sunscreen to protect your skin. More info here.

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